Thursday, October 17, 2013

WTJ & Panzerschiffe -- Comparison Photos

The following photos show a comparison between some 1/2400 scale Russo-Japanese War Pre-Dreadnought Cruisers.

Panzerschiffe "Diana" above; WTJ "Aurora" below
 First up are a pair of photos of the Russian cruiser "Diana" and its sister ship, the "Aurora".

The WTJ vessel is 52mm long, while the Panzerschiffe is 58mm in length.

Panzerschiffe "Diana" above; WTJ "Aurora" below
I should point out that both models are right out of their packing material.  I have yet to clean either one up in any way.

As always click on the photos to see a larger image . . . and open in a separate window to see the best image.

Next up are a pair of Japanese "Asama" cruisers (also usable as the "Tokiwa").

This time it is the WTJ ship that is slightly longer than the Panzersciffe . . . 55mm to 52mm.

I must also apologize for the sloppy paint job on the painted ship . . . it was done before my cataract surgeries . . . but it still works fine on the table top.

Prices between the two 1/2400 lines are comparable.  Generally speaking the WTJs are slightly more expensive ($3.75-$4.25) than the Panzerschiffes ($3.00-$4.00) although the reverse is true with the Destroyers where most WTJs are $1.25 USD vs $1.50 USD for the Panzerschiffes.

-- Jeff


  1. Good to see the comparison shots, Jeff. Thumbs up on the WTJ verison of the Pallada class cruiser (Diana/Aurora), the profile looks much more accurate compared to the plan shown in Conway's.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for this - it certainly give the naval gamer another option (or dilemma!0 over the models he uses!

    All the best,


  3. Jeff,

    WTJ look great. Can't wait to see them with some pain so we can better see the detail. I doubt I will be replacing my PS fleets, but it gives a great option as I expand into new areas.


  4. Thank you, Jeff. The PZS ships are not too bad, but WTJ really is better. And the DD/TB pricing never made sense to me either.