Sunday, August 15, 2010

1/3000 WTJ Painting Started

Well I just started painting the 1/3000 WTJ Pre-Dreads . . . and I have a few comments:

First, I believe that their silhouettes and details are more correct and "realistic" than the 1/2400 Panzerschiffes that I had painted previously. And, of course, their line of models for the period is considerably more extensive (and around the same price) than the Panzerschiffes.

Second, despite my first points, I have decided to go with the Panzerschiffes. Besides being more visible to my older eyes, I have found the WTJ ships (and they are very good) to be more difficult for me to paint . . . even though I use a magnifying visor to help my vision.

I don't insist that this is the decision which others need make, after all the WTJ ships are very nice and (I believe) more realistic. But for me the Panzerschiffe's were relatively easy to paint; while I am finding that the 1/3000s are a pain to paint.

Note that ships in the later periods are larger than the Pre-Dreads . . . if I were doing WWII, I might well choose the 1/3000 scale . . . but not for my chosen period.

-- Jeff