Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Sea Surface & More Ships

I recently purchased a vinyl mat for my naval gaming. It isn't quite large enough to reach the edges of my 5' wide table . . . but at around four and a half feet there will only be a few inches of table on each side. It is a tad over 11' long, so it fits my ten and a half foot table well.

I've also got some paints that mix to virtually the same color as the mat . . . so that will work fine. And I've pretty much decided upon Pre-Dread bases of 30mm x 100mm (roughly 1 1/4" x 4") because I do want some sea room between ships.

I've located some pre-painted (white) flat wood "door stops" at our local Home Depot. They are fairly thick (9.5mm or 3/8"), but that's fine since I want to see the ships handled by the bases and not the vessels themselves. Furthermore my plan is to put the ship identification on the sides of the bases; not on the upper surface.

Finally I just ordered another mess of ships from Panzerschiffe . . . 18 cruisers (a mix of Armoured and Protected Cruisers for each side) and 9 merchant ships (set #5) for convoy and commerce raiding use.

-- Jeff

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